Type Tested Power Control Centers (PCC’s) – Fixed & Drawout Systems

Panels are totally dust and Vermin Proof. It can be fixed or Draw out Type as per the requirements.

The panels are pretreated to decrease water rinsing & de-rusting/ phosphating. As per requirement, it can be synthetic enamel painted or powder coated.

Bus Bars & Internal Wiring Uniform cross section copper Bus Bars (current density 1.39 amps/sq mm.) which is supported by SMC /DMC bases will be employed throughout the length of the panel. Internal wiring are carried out with 11000/650 volt grade PVC insulated stranded conductor wire. All joints will be solidly crimped using copper thimbles and Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the board.

Switchgears Component details along with the formal offer, GA drawing and bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to be used in the panel. Our Panels confirms to the standards, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375.