Site Services


Plant availability and minimized down-time are key to ensuring the profitability of your business.  Masseera provides value-added engineering that is in compliance with client’s specifications as well as local electricity authorities. Another key area that Masseera Service & Maintenance Team specializes in maintenance of existing low voltage panel boards installed at various locations. Our team of site engineers test the functionality and durability of the components inside the control panels and identify any replacement or damages which need immediate action.

Masseera‘s customer service team assist, both at the time of installation, and throughout the life of the equipment, to achieve all these objectives. At Masseera; we are committed to providing the best service to our customers, not only as the switchgear system is purchased, but also into the future. Our dedicated team of support engineers, together with our continuously developing range of value-added services, ensure that any problems are eased and that the plant retains the efficiency expected.

Quick access to product support and customer service (LINK FOR CONTACT) will provide a fast answer to any questions, or ensure that a request for assistance is speedily addressed.

Value added Engineering:

Harmonics and Power Factor Study
VFD Programming
PLC Programming
Short Circuit Calculations
Fault Analysis.
Circuit Breaker analysis.
Discrimination Study
Multifunction Meter analysis.

After-sale Service:

On Site Testing and Repair Services.
Testing and Commissioning of Switchboards and Control Panels.