Street Lighting Control Panel

DC systems can be configured to provide DC output voltages from 24V up to 240V nominal with output currents up to 1250A. 
The range offers highly rugged solutions for the most demanding environmental and operating conditions.

•	24V, 48/50V, 110V or 220V DC nominal
•	From 6A to 250A DC outputs
•	Constant voltage, current limited output
•	LCD/LED indication of status and metering
•	Compatible with lead acid, nickel cadmium or lithium ion batteries
•	High input power factor 
•	Low distortion sinusoidal input current 
•	High efficiency 
•	Compact and power dense solution 
•	Hot plug rectifier modules 
•	Ease of maintenance and operation 
•	Redundancy with N+1 rectifier modules 
•	Flexible and expandable modular power system 
•	Inbuilt remote communications capability