Annunciator Panel

Annunciator panel is a system to alert operators on alarm conditions in the plant. Multiple back-lit windows are provided, in which each engraved with the name of the process alarm. Lamps in each window are controlled by hard-wired switches in the plant, which are arranged to operate when a process condition enters an abnormal state. Single point or multipoint alarm logic modules operate the window lights based on a preselected ISA 18.1 or custom sequence.

•	Multi-redundant design so there is no single point of failure
•	Integral power supply and optional universal supply for direct connection to 85-264VAC or 88-360VDC
•	Comprehensive diagnostics, warning LEDs and common relays are used to provide indication of any problems with the alarm system
•	Flexible relays, up to 32 output relays can be used and configured as group relays, audible relays or as diagnostic relays.