GRP Kiosk

GRP kiosks Metering Cabinets are typically used to house the following:
•	Transformers 
•	Distribution Panels 
•	Pumps
•	Package Substations
Standard Features
•	The side & rear panels are identical and interchangeable with one another. All panels have GRP stiffeners
•	Smooth gel coat finish from outside & flow coat finish from inside to withstand high temperature
•	Fire retardant, self-extinguishing as per DIN-41 02 class- B2
•	Self-pigmented to color as per customers choice including standard shades of RAL 1015, RAL 7035, RAL 9010.Aluminum aldrop & integral wind stay are provided to hold the door in fully opened position
•	Anodized aluminum louvers
•	Standard double bar lock operated with handle provided for each door Stainless steel hinges
•	Lifting hooks provided